Check out the second installment of the Muriel Mabley mystery series, COLD FLASH, from Kensington Publishing.

Get ready…The heat continues!






In Carrie H. Johnson’s explosive series, Forensic Firearms Specialist Muriel Mabley takes a one-way plunge that’s outside the law…


But soon Calvin’s unofficial search for the drug’s source raises the stakes on the case dangerously higher – and brings it tragically close to home.  Now, with both her reputation and her family in the crosshairs, Muriel must aim for justice more merciless than duty – and risk suffering the most chilling of consequences.


Muriel doesn’t have the option to cool her life down to manageable chaos. She’s juggling a high-pressure job, her extended family, and a deepening romance with Calvin, an advocate for troubled youth.  And with heroin deaths epidemic throughout Philly, she’s got her hands full stopping a related killing spree that’s taking out gang members and innocent victims alike…

"The second book in the Muriel Mabley series is an extememly fast-paced and violent dive into the heroin epidemic in Philadelphia.  The characters are riveting, and while the story elements are not easy to read (based on subject, not readability) the reality of life on these streets is compelling."

   RT Book Reviews , 4 Stars

A thrilling novel told with both dramatic tension and contagious sensitivity.  I recommend this book to mystery readers and those concerned about society’s current struggle with drugs.”

Kameel Nasr, Author of The Symphony Heist

 "Johnson’s hand is easy and confident. She spins this yarn at a master storyteller’s pace—hurtling the reader into action from the first page... "

 Anika Nailah, Author of Free and Other Stories

"Carrie H. Johnson keeps the action flowing; quiet moments are deeply woven, but don't stay that way for long. Gunshots and screeching tires break the silence. And here we go again!

  Josh Brogadir, Journalist and Host of "Novel Ideas" cable show





In this thrilling debut novel from Carrie H. Johnson, one woman with a dangerous job and a volatile past is feeling the heat from all sides…


She sweats every detail as a forensic firearms specialist—and as a forty-something single mother. She’s got more responsibilities than she can count, more baggage than she wants to claim, and way too many regrets. But Muriel Mabley will do whatever it takes to put Philadelphia’s most vicious killer in lockdown for good…


Until her troubled younger sister in witness protection receives a terrifying warning—and Muriel’s long-time partner, Laughton, reveals he knows more than he should about her and Muriel’s shattered past. And when Laughton’s ex-wife and her new husband turn up dead, his own secrets will send Muriel down a twisted trail of lethal leads, disappeared witnesses, and the ultimate wrenching betrayal…

Hot Flash both twists and grooves as firearms examiner Muriel Mabley follows her case to an increasingly personal conclusion that explodes like a shot to the heart.

Lisa Black

New York Times Bestselling Author

Hot Flash is one you have to read. Muriel Mabley gets pushed around hard by life, and Muriel pushes back. The result is a lively and clever novel that will dare you to put it down. The reader will leave fingerprints pressed into the cover of this one. Top of the 'must read' list.

John Lutz,

New York Times Bestselling Author

Muriel Mabley has hot flashes, a hot new love, and a heap of deadly cold secrets that will destroy everyone she loves...unless she unveils a bitter truth. Carrie H. Johnson stirs the pot and keeps things cooking in this gripping, fast-paced debut novel.

Valerie Wilson Wesley,

Author of The Tamara Hayle Mysteries

"Riveting! HOT FLASH is a page turner...It has everything you look for in a great crime drama...the twists and turns of a suspense thriller...a well-written, easy, exciting read. When you reach the last page you'll be surprised and yet hunger for more! I can't wait to see what's next!


LaKeisha Schwartz

Chief Warrant Officer Four (Retired), Special Agent




How hard will you work to achieve a dream? From the Pits to the Palace is the powerful story of Carrie Johnson’s liberation.

It is two stories told in parallel.

One is Carrie’s personal story…sexually abused as a child, fighting issues of self-esteem, struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, this single mother starts a business with the help of two friends.

The other… was it shear bravery, single-minded purpose, or basic survival that makes her continue the business after her friends leave?

The journey is inspiring, frustrating and a testament to Carrie’s will and determination.

"This book will be my permanent reminder that any reason I give myself for not fulfilling my dreams is an excuse."

Pat Kryzak, NJ

"I LOVED this book. It made me laugh, it made me cry...I felt like I was actually in Carrie's story as it all happened. It was so inspirational to me. Not only did I enjoy the story...but all the business resources are worth much more than the book's weight in gold."

Rae Glispin, MA

"From the Pits to the Palace" made me laugh, cry, and cheer. The pages that spoke volumes were the stories of praise, love, and admiration from Carrie's sons. As both a professional in the area of women's leadership and as a working mom, I found it very heartwarming and affirming to fellow working moms who have struggled with the guilt of leaving our children for our jobs. Carrie H. Johnson tells her inspiring story of survival for extraordinary outcomes she never dreamed - becoming a successful entrepreneur, mother, and role model. Thank you for this meaningful contribution to the "Leading Women" you inspire.

Victoria Waterman, Leading Women MASS

A brilliant author shares her secret struggles of abuse and addiction. With the inspiration from her young sons, she finds the inner strength to provide a better life for them through entrepreneurship. An amazing story of perseverance and great success will inspire every woman, especially those who dare to dream of a better life.

Nicole Engel, Owner, Absolute Experts of Costa Rica

An uplifting read! As a single mom and entrepreneur, at times I found myself in tears, sometimes in laughter, sometimes in the simple smile of "uh huh, I've been there!"- but always with admiration and inspiration. A great motivational story you will want to share with others.

Victoria C. Depaul, Rica







I appreciate your interest and support.  If you have not read my books, I hope you will.   For all those who have read my books, please be encouraged to write reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads.


I appreciate your interest and support.  If you have not read my books, I hope you will.   For all those who have read my books, please be encouraged to write reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Look for the second installment of the Muriel Mabley mystery series, COLD FLASH, to drop in June from Kensington Publishing.  You can pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Get ready…The heat continues!